What is your PDR training school like?

Here’s a breakdown about the different pdr training courses we offer. Now why don’t you see a 1 week paintless dent removal training program? Simple. We don’t believe one week is enough. Imagine watching a movie in fast forward. You saw it, but didn’t understand it. That’s what it’s like. So much to learn in so little time. Sure, Myke could start a one week PDR school but his reputation will start to tank quickly because it’s not about you getting the best PDR training anymore. It’s about training as many students in the shortest amount of time. So that’s not going to happen here.

Myke’s passion to teach students about PDR is second to none. For years he has developed a program that students understand quickly with his unique PDR training approach. The day you enroll, you’ll be given specific and professional PDR “prep” videos to watch before you attend. This ensures you get off to a fast and clean start without wasting too much time on the very basics.

Covering the basics of paintless dent repair will be gone over the first day. Then tool usage, access and theories. Moving along into basic ding removal, glue pulling, using heat and then deep dent removals. Myke does offer 2,3 and 4 week PDR training. However, Myke believes offering the student 4 weeks not only speeds up the learning curve but consistently develop great habits.

What’s the distinction between the different 2, 3 and 4 week PDR training?

One word. Time. The more time you give yourself to learn, develop and turn a technique into habit with Myke over your shoulder, the better. The two week and three week do cover a lot of the main aspects of PDR but it doesn’t allow you to work on as much advanced PDR repairs and techniques.

Every PDR student has a different learning curve.

Over the years Myke comprehends every student he teaches varies in patience, skill and developing habits. Therefore, he has to help the student concentrate on where they need the most help. This is where the experience of a real PDR trainer (like Myke) is crucial. Recognizing and paying attention to what the student is stumbling on can make or break that part of the learning curve. Most students can overcome the PDR challenging lessons that lie ahead. Some take more time to do so. This is why Myke’s PDR training is not based on a set curriculum. Most students complete everything they were taught. Some are very advanced and few become frustrated. It’s not easy. No sugar coating here. The better Myke can prepare you for the real world PDR training, the better you’ll do. Hard, challenging dents are what will be taught. That’s what customers want fixed these days.

Myke’s goal is to always make sure his students understand that it’s not always about how fast you can remove a dent. It’s about the quality of your PDR repair. Once the student has built a solid PDR foundation and good habits, he or she will move on to the next PDR lesson. Myke will not move you up if your habits are not clean. Each lesson builds off the next lesson. Learning PDR is like a pyramid and everything must be perfect or it will not look right. A student will not move up in lessons if they do not have or keep a good work technique with good habits. This ensures a solid structure so the student doesn’t feel confused, frustrated and loose motivation.

Myke’s PDR training is completely about the student. Not Myke. If you don’t become successful at PDR, Myke isn’t successful.

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