Myke's PDR Story
Please take some time to get to know Myke Toledo and how he became a PDR student, tech and instructor.
In the begining


At 19 years old, Myke Toledo was going to college majoring in Criminal Justice as he wanted a future in law enforcement.

His step-father was a car enthusiast and hated door dings. Soon after his dad ended up getting trained later on because PDR was so fascinating and a great trade to learn. A year later, in 1991, Myke's dad introduced him to PDR.

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It's a beautiful thing when a career and passion come together.

Earning his keep

Pushing Through

As Myke slowly became better, he kept at it. With no internet, forums or other PDR techs to compare, Myke pushed himself to get better at paintless dent removal. His step father wasn't always around and when he was, Myke watched mostly behind his dad.

PDR isn't just about watching. It's about doing it. You don't learn right if you don't have the hands on with the instructor. Myke knew this and the most important thing his step dad taught him was NOT to teach how he was taught.

Pushing Through

Always Try.

Love yourself and be proud of everything you do, even your mistakes. Because even mistakes mean you're trying.

Dent Time

Starting Fresh

In 2001, Dent Time was created after Myke and his step father parted ways. His mother once told him when she was alive, "you must learn how to become a good follower before you can become a good leader."

After 10 years it was time for Myke to run his own company and put the passion in it like his work. He learned how to create many things for his own company like producing his own videos, photography and website. If you look around, you can tell Myke is a perfectionist at almost everything he does. "First impressions are everything in this business," Myke says.

Starting Fresh


If you are not willing to learn, no one can help you. If you are determined to learn, no one can stop you.


Growing in PDR

Over the years Myke's love for paintless dent removal grew and grew. He realized he wasn't as hungry for the money as he thought he was. It was about the self satisfaction he got as he kept challenging his own skills. With a combination of hard work, effort and determination, Myke could tell PDR was more than just a job. It was an ART!

His eagerness to push the boundaries of paintless dent removal through social media influenced others. In that manor, many of his peers honored Myke Toledo at Mobile Tech Expo with a "Lifetime Achievement Award" in 2015.

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Growing in PDR

2015 PDR Lifetime Achievement Award

Nothing worth having was ever achieved without effort. - Theodore Roosevelt



Myke has always trained others and found he had a real knack for it. Being patience and relating to what the students think and do is important. Seeing his students grow from knowing nothing to being successful makes Myke very proud.

Myke carries on his enthusiasm for PDR training. In the spring of 2015, Myke and along with John Highley created a membership online PDR training site called Dent Trainer. This website is now the world's largest library of PDR training videos. Not to mention, each student of Myke and John receive a free one year subscription when they enroll.

"My goal is to train my students to be better than me one day. Otherwise, I really didn't do my job," -Myke Toledo.


Online PDR Training

Train with Myke
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